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Record Condition Grading System

All records are carefully checked and graded visually before being offered for sale. We consider that every pre-owned record is unique in terms of its condition and so welcome any enquiries regarding specific items we may have in stock.

We use the "Record Collector's" Grading System which is explained below:

Mint (M)
The record - should be in new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality.
The Cover - should be in perfect condition along with any extra items.
Excellent (Ex)
The record - signs of having been played but displays minimal deterioration in sound quality.
The Cover - may have slight wear or creasing.
Very Good (Vg)
The record - played many times. Surface marks and light scratches evident but no major deterioration of sound quality.
The Cover - normal wear and tear without major defects.
Good (G)
The record - noticeable deterioration of sound quality due to playing. Some distortion/scratches.
The Cover - suffering from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits and discolouration.
Fair (F)
The record - still just playable but with considerable surface noise and occasional jump.
The Cover - may be torn, defaced or stained.
Poor (P)
The record - too scratched to play properly with bad surface noise.
The Cover - badly damaged.
The record - unplayable or broken. Useful only as a collectors item.
The Cover - disintegrating.



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